Jam love is like a heat wave - For the Love of Small Batch Canning (Recipe: Spiced Plum.

Put the strawberries in a bowl and gently toss through the sugar. Leave uncovered at room temperature for 12 hrs or overnight. This process helps the sugar to dissolve, ensures the fruit doesn’t disintegrate too much and helps to keep its vibrant colour.

The band drew upon a variety of stylistic influences over the course of their career, including 1960s beat music , soul, rhythm and blues and psychedelic rock , as well as 1970s punk and new wave . The trio were known for their melodic pop songs, their distinctly English flavour and their mod image. The band launched the career of Paul Weller , who went on to form The Style Council and later had a successful solo career. Weller wrote and sang most of The Jam's original compositions, and he played lead guitar, using a Rickenbacker 330 . Bruce Foxton provided backing vocals and prominent basslines, which were the foundation of many of the band's songs, including the hits " Down in the Tube Station at Midnight ", " The Eton Rifles ", " Going Underground " and " Town Called Malice " mainly using a Rickenbacker 4001 and a Fender Precision Bass and rarely an Epiphone Rivoli .

Blueberries are so good for your health.  They come in numerous varieties from tart to sweet and are available from late May until late July or early August here in the South.  The only real problem is that it’s just usually so hot when it’s time to pick them.  We’ve seen some really hot days this year and have broken several records for the hottest days ever in our area.  Ouch.

Jam Love Is Like A Heat WaveJam Love Is Like A Heat WaveJam Love Is Like A Heat WaveJam Love Is Like A Heat Wave


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