Beatles yesterday and today - Перевод и текст песни Yesterday, слова The Beatles

In December 1962, the Beatles concluded their fifth and final Hamburg residency. [46] By 1963, they had agreed that all four band members would contribute vocals to their albums – including Starr, despite his restricted vocal range, to validate his standing in the group. [47] Lennon and McCartney had established a songwriting partnership, and as the band's success grew, their dominant collaboration limited Harrison's opportunities as a lead vocalist . [48] Epstein, in an effort to maximise the Beatles' commercial potential, encouraged them to adopt a professional approach to performing. [49] Lennon recalled him saying, "Look, if you really want to get in these bigger places, you're going to have to change – stop eating on stage, stop swearing, stop smoking ..." [37] Lennon said: "We used to dress how we liked, on and off stage. He'd tell us that jeans were not particularly smart and could we possibly manage to wear proper trousers, but he didn't want us suddenly looking square. He'd let us have our own sense of individuality." [37]

Хотя самому Маккартни песня понравилась, другие участники группы сомневались, следует ли включать её в новый альбом — ведь у неё было так мало похожего на то, что они записывали в то время, и она не соответствовала имиджу группы. Кроме того, Леннон, Харрисон и Старр настояли на том, чтобы песню не выпускали отдельно в Британии. Сразу же после выхода альбома Help! , в который композиция всё-таки вошла, британский певец Метт Монро записал свою версию «Yesterday», которая, собственно и попала в первую десятку местного хит-парада.

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Beatles Yesterday And TodayBeatles Yesterday And TodayBeatles Yesterday And TodayBeatles Yesterday And Today

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