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"She Still Loves You," on the other hand, moves to another mood, with a steamy Fillmore West flavor. Jerry Garcia or Jimi Hendrix could have played this irresistible song in a haze of strobe lights, marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. The slow tempo is deceiving, for the lyrics wander with an introspective sense of wonder that conveys the full weight of high-stakes romance. The backbeat to "She Still Loves You" allows Berry to make this hymn a Catholic-style confession. Once again the theme is love gone wrong. In a Hemingway-like twist Berry eventually concedes to another man that the beautiful woman they both desire doesn't desire him.

‘While our hearts are very heavy at this time, we know that he had no greater wish than to see this album released to the world, and we know of no better way to celebrate and remember his 90 years of life than through his music.’

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The report also detailed how Berry allegedly installed hidden cameras in the women’s restroom at the Southern Air restaurant in Wentzville after he bought it in 1987. One camera “was evidently behind the toilet seat,” according to Spy, while others captured “aerial views of the toilets’ contents during the seconds after the women stood but before they flushed.”

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A 2003 New Yorker profile of the singer states that, according to Berry's biographer, the singer eventually paid out over $ million, in addition to legal fees, to settle the video tapes lawsuit.

Chuck Berry More Chuck BerryChuck Berry More Chuck BerryChuck Berry More Chuck BerryChuck Berry More Chuck Berry

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