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Update: Castle Bravo was not the first thermonuclear device tested by the .—that honor goes to Ivy Mike —it was the first in a series of high yield nuclear device tests. The text above has been changed to reflect the correct information. Thanks @WShawChristian .

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Amyl nitrite or ‘poppers’ are a liquid chemical that act by allowing more blood into the heart – giving the user a ‘rush’.

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I’ve seen the remixes. If you listen to it, there is no resolution. It’s just “fuck you, fuck me, fuck you, bye.” It’s like, come on, bro. That’s what wrong with the world. How do we create a resolution? Some people say there can’t be a resolution. I’m very optimistic.

 · Over the Counter Medications. Drugs that are safe and effective for use by the general public without a prescription are defined as over-the-counter (OTC ...

Bomb Party DrugsBomb Party DrugsBomb Party DrugsBomb Party Drugs

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