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Once you’re aware of the breath, play the “minimum effort game.” Drop to zero effort … just be … and see if you still feel the breath. If not, add just a smidgen of effort, like the touch of a feather. See if it’s enough to feel the breath. Add more “smidgens” as needed.

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On top of this, we reworked how the AI gets its units. They will no longer be able to build a unit they do not have the required structure for, preventing the late game slog of large ship stacks. However, because of this change, we have made the Empire’s basic frigate shipyards buildable on all planets in order to keep them from getting “unit locked” without a shipyard planet. This brings them on the same playing field as the other two factions.

GameStop offered an artbook as a pre-order bonus prior to the game's release; this offer was only available in the United States and Canada. The game's Nintendo eShop listing was added on January 5, 2013, and it was made available for digital download in the United States and Europe the same day the game was released at retail. The game was not available on the Japanese eShop despite availability in the United States and Europe. However, it was later made available for digital download to Japanese consoles on January 30, 2013.

After the battle, a mysterious black figure warps in and takes on the appearance of the Avatar. They explain that they are the Grima and possessed Avatar from Lucina's future. The Avatar refuses to become Grima's vessel, but Future Grima decides that it is not necessary, since they can perform the ritual again theirself, and proceeds to awaken the present Grima. As Chrom and Lucina flee the building, the Avatar quickly retrieves the Emblem themselves from Validar's corpse. With the Emblem in hand, the Shepherds depart to Mount Prism in order for Chrom to complete the Awakening Ritual to finish off Grima once and for all. Chrom completes the trial and unlocks the true power of the Falchion . Naga informs Chrom and the Avatar that the Falchion, even with her blessing, can only put him into a 1000 year slumber. The only way for Grima to die is for him to "be killed by his own hand." Naga points them to Origin Peak to confront Grima. Upon arriving at the peak, the Avatar realizes that, since they were meant to be Grima's vessel, they have the power to slay him. However, Naga warns them that if they do that, they will perish, too, since their heart is inexorably connected to Grima's. Chrom refuses to let the Avatar sacrifice themselves, but they still consider going through it.

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Awakening Brand New FeelingAwakening Brand New FeelingAwakening Brand New FeelingAwakening Brand New Feeling

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